About Us

You’re probably asking yourself:

1. “How did I end up on this site?”

2. “Who the fuck are these guys?”

3. “Is a genetically enhanced race of super apes going to enslave man, forcing us to turn our backs on friends and loved ones, all in the name of survival?

4. “Will the stock in anal beads suddenly rise this quarter?”

5. “Is this a family friendly, safe environment for children?”

We have the answers (well some of them)…

Jersey John & The PHAT Man are two guys from New Jersey (the cradle of civilization in the northern hemisphere) hellbent on telling the rest of the world just what they think about EVERYTHING. Since 2008, this strangely shaped duo has been flooding the internet, talking about music, movies, video games and why pop culture and the government both suck Wookie balls.

Now, allied with a motley crew of other individuals with poor moral standards, Jersey John & The PHAT Man and friends will be covering more of what you love. Thriving solely on the tears of foster children, B-rated movies, bad-ass video games and that awkward time you saw your grandmother naked, TwoGuysOneMic.com promises bring you entertainment the way other people are afraid to (naked, in public and covered in bees and honey, in case you were wondering).

So kick back, relax, leave your morals at the door and step into a whole mess of ridiculous shit with a bunch of guys who aren’t afraid to tell you how it is…

Welcome to TwoGuysOneMic.com (insert inappropriate penis joke here)