S2E3: “Wally the emotional support alligator is a pretty chill dude.”

Ever wonder what its like to find a hand grenade while fishing or the likeliness of meeting a compassionate carjacker? We have all of this and more in store for you in this week’s episode! Remember you can always send us your strange news findings for us to share.

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Show Notes:
Man says emotional support alligator helps his depression

Florida Taco Bell evacuated after fisherman finds grenade, drives to restaurant before calling 911

No dough: Florida men steal empty safe at Domino’s

Police arrest woman for driving drunk on vanilla extract

American passenger who traumatized Taiwanese stewardess flying back to Taipei in May

Carjacker “apparently unfamiliar with how cars work” fails at attempt to steal vehicle

Man gets locked inside Texas 24 Hour Fitness after gym closed

More than 11,000 at Microsoft said to be ensnared in “reply all” email


Gun-wielding carjacker offers Albertan her lunch and phone before apologizing, fleeing crash scene

Police: Florida man thought he stole opioids, got laxatives instead

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