Episode 60: “Suicidal Squirrels, Escaped Kangaroos & Overstayed Guests”

hey-girl-you-ever-been-down-under-funny-kangaroo-meme-imageAfter doing some adulting, your favorite internet duo is back! We’ve been on quite the hiatus but we’re here and balls deep in the news stories and world happenings that we have missed  sharing with all of you! This time around we discuss the vindictive nature of your favorite yard rodent, why owning a kangaroo will always end badly and how not leaving when you’re asked to results in a hail of gunfire. As per the usual, hit is up on Twitter @TwoGuysOneMic and Facebook search Two Guys One Mic and you can always send all your hate mail to [email protected] 

Thanks to everyone for sticking around through our leave of absence. It means the world to be back doing this dumb shit that we love for all that are willing to give their time to listen. New things are coming soon so stay tuned!

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