Episode 57: “Court Summons, Wedding Crasher & Faking Disabilities”

man bites dogWelcome back to another episode where two fat guys trash talk the things you love and make you realize you also hate those things, which also makes you a bad person. This time around we talk about what we all wish we could do to a court summons, why crashing a wedding will almost definitely be a horrible idea and how faking a disability makes you a huge chode. Halloween is here too so we’re discussing some movies you need to check out and show some toddlers to ruin their lives. Stick around until the end to head sick tunes from our friends in Decades! Their new EP is on iTunes, Spotify and you can stream it on Reverbnation!

If you have a band that wants their names horribly pronounced while we sing songs of praise and regale in your awesomeness, send us your music and a bio to [email protected]!

Until next time, we’re out. Peace!

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