Episode 56: “Booby Traps, Sniffing Feet & Daycare Fight Clubs”

booby trapWelcome back to yet another episode, sure to titillate the senses and help you drop a few IQ points in the process! This time around we learn of some people who just don’t want you in their homes, how some people’s fetishes just go to far and what your young ones are really learning at their daycare facilities. Stick around until the end to check out some awesome tunes from our friends in Born A New! Their new EP, New Chapter, is available now!

Are you in a band that needs more recognition than that one show you played for your grandma and her friends at their assisted care facility? Send your music, bio and whatever else you want to [email protected] and we’ll do our best not to horribly butcher your names!

Until next time, we’re out. Peace!

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