Movie Review: Ted 2

ted-2-posterI’ll be honest – I was pretty bummed when I first read that the gorgeous Mila Kunis would not be returning for the sequel to one of the finest and funniest modern comedies and that Amanda Seyfreid’s character would serve as John Bennett’s new love interest. Mila and Mark had good chemistry and made a great fake couple in the original. Not to mention, the fact that Lori and John are now divorced kind of negates the ending of the first one, since it ended with Lori wishing Ted back to life because she knew how much he meant to John, and it made her realize how much she loved him, which caused her to forgive him. In essence, there would be no Ted 2 if it weren’t for Lori because Ted would still be dead, yet Mila doesn’t even get a lousy cameo in the follow-up? What the fuck’s up with that?

Supposedly Mila’s pregnancy with her new hubby had a lot to do with her absence. So Ashton Kutcher already ruined Two and a Half Men and destroyed its legacy. Does he really need to ruin the Ted series too?

TedPic2Believe it or not, I was pleasantly surprised at how well Amanda Seyfried, who I never was a huge fan of, performed in this installment. She did a very convincing job of playing a nervous yet intelligent new lawyer who really cared about justice and doing what is right to ensure equality for all. While the movie would’ve worked fine if John and Lori were still married, and the subplot of having John looking for a new love interest was not totally necessary to the story as a whole, Seyfried’s Samantha fit in fine and the new character kept the plot even more interesting.

This is one of the few sequels that actually has a more complicated plot than the original, but it really works in the filmmakers’ favor. This time around, Ted and his new bride Tammy Lynn decide to adopt a baby (after failing at alternative methods of baby making), but they soon find out that Ted is recognized by the state as property, and not as a human being. This causes all of his other rights to be taken away from him as well. John and Ted decide to sue the state. Since they can’t afford a good lawyer, they agree to work pro bono with a recent law school graduate, which is where Amanda’s character of Samantha Lynn Jackson (who is unaware that her name sounds very similar to a certain famous actor) comes in. There are several characters returning from the original who are there to creep things up a bit. Look out for one character’s brilliant reference to a show that he used to star in.

TedPic3Mark Wahlberg again did a great job. I was skeptical when I saw the trailer for the first one because he had never starred in a straight up comedy before, but he further proved his range in this one. They showed a trailer for his movie called Daddy’s Home, which comes out later this year and also looks promising.

As far as comedy sequels go, Ted 2 is one of the stronger efforts that have been released in recent years, which has seen a pretty dry period for comedies in general. Although not quite as funny as the first, I give Seth MacFarlane credit for going in a new direction instead of turning it into a re-hash (see what I did there?) of the original, while still maintaining the signature Seth humor of its predecessor.

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