Episode 48: “Phallic Toys, Skull Stabs & Mailing Your Enemies Feces”

head stabWe’re back with another ridiculous episode that’s sure to lower the IQ of every toddler within earshot. It’s been a long holiday season for us so come and hang out for our first of the new year! This time around we’re talking about why your kids Play-Doh may also be your wife’s new best friend, a man’s horrific stab to the dome and a new and innovative way to annoy those you despise in your life.  Stick around til the very end to hear music by our friends in American Lions! Their EP Peru is available now!

If you have music you want us to critique and then completely butcher your names while simultaneously praising you, send it all to [email protected]!

Until next time, we’re out…PEACE!

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