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Skywalker was founded in the summer of 2010. In the same year, the guys recorded their first EP “Hic Sunt Leones” that came out before their first show in December 2010. It was not received very well, unlike their live sets since January 2011. In the summer of 2011, the second EP “Arkham” came out that was received much better in the Czech hardcore/metalcore scene. The band set off for a club tour that year, playing in many Czech cities, and even plays a couple of shows in Slovakia. In 2012, the band continues to play shows, even gets to Germany. Nearing the end of the year, the third EP “Babylon” is released. It is somewhat a breakthrough for the band – both thanks to the sound of the EP that combines hardcore with classic 90’s punk rock and some hip-hop elements, and the success – many reviewers and fans within the Czech/Slovak scene consider it to be one of the best pieces ever to come out of domestic hardcore music. In 2014, Skywalker releases the debut album LIBERTY ISLAND which is met with a general praise. The band had toured Europe prior to releasing the album, and is ready to rock.

Aside from playing in clubs, the band plays numerous summer festivals, goes on tour to Slovakia and Austria, in September 2013 even to Canada.

Skywalker has shared the stage with names like: For the Fallen Dreams, First Blood, Defeater, Pay No Respect, Till We Drop, As Enemies Arise, Abhorrence, No Second Chance, Point Blank Range and many more.



Jan Kucera – Vocals

Tom Rothschild – Bass, Backing vocals

David Machalicky – Guitar, Backing vocals

Damian Kucera – Drums

Petr Vybiral – Guitar


Interview (with Jan):

Every band has to start somewhere. Go back to the very beginning, what/when was the first time you all met each other?

Most of us met around 2007 in different, mostly pop-punk bands or otherwise in the small Czech punk rock scene. The funny thing is, we’re not class mates or kids from the same neighborhood, some of us actually live pretty far from others. We all met through music. In our tiny country, everyone knows everyone.


Did you all start out on the same instruments or has anyone moved around? Do any of you have talent on other instruments you’d consider bringing into the band?

I for one started as a bass player in our former pop-punk band, only to become the lead singer and lose the bass later. Our bassist Tom used to be our guitarist, since we used to have a different bass player. So yeah, we’ve been moving. The only thing we’re trying to widen is the number of members singing.


skywalker2How long after getting together did you play your first show? Did you have pre-show jitters or were you all just super stoked to get out and play?

I took us more than half a year, I think. We really wanted to get out there and play. We sucked bad, though, to be honest, haha.


What are your favorite songs to play live? Do you cover anything that you really love from other artists?

I think we mostly love to play the songs that people really appreciate. As in jumping on each other’s backs, singing along, stage diving and stuff. That’d be our singles Lost, Fraud, Island, Laura… We’re not into covering that much. We like to play our own stuff. We only play Deftones’ Be Quiet & Drive each time we’re asked to play acoustic.


Planning any upcoming tours or shows? Who are you playing with?

We’ve got a lot of plans and gigs to play. We’re playing this year’s Mighty Sounds, one of the biggest punk events in Central Europe, Wlesefest in Slovakia, and many others. Plus we’re working on tours in support of our new record, Liberty Island. We’ll be supporting bands like Deez Nuts or Ignite in Austria this summer, too. And that’s pretty cool. Check out to learn more.


Have you ever toured out of the country? What is the one country you’d want to come play in?

Yeah. We made a short run through Canada last year, a 3-week tour across Europe earlier this year, and we’ve been going abroad quite often for weekends. I think we’d just love to keep doing exactly that. Getting out, touring.


If you could choose 5 bands, from Europe, to tour with you in America (to introduce Americans to European bands), who would you choose?

Well, there are some kick ass bands in Europe that everyone knows (Architects, Basement, Neck Deep, Wolf Down…) but we’d love to show those guys the new blood: Call Tracy from CZ, New Native from AUT, All Messed Up from FR, Suffocate with Your Fame from CZ, This Time Tomorrow from AUT.


skywalker3What about new music? Did you guys recently release anything new or are you planning to release some new tunes soon?

We just released our debut full-length album last month. It’s called Liberty Island, you can order it via Bandcamp or iTunes digitally or via Big Cartel physically.


What is a typical show like in Europe? Do you have a favorite hometown venue?

The scene here is kinda small. Well, except for Germany, I guess. Germany is huge. And some of the shows we’ve played there were really cool. But a hardcore show here is a hardcore show. People losing their minds, singing along, jumping around, having the time of their lives. We really love to play in our hometown, Prague, CZ. But it’s not the venue, it’s the city and the kids.


What is your favorite part of being a band? What have you learned from your experiences?

Spending tons of time with best friends, creating something absolutely unique and honest, driving around and being on stage. We’ve learned that NOTHING is for free. And there is absolutely nothing in the world as beautiful as music.



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