Episode 42: “Potato Guns, Beached Whales & Exploding Bodies”

airplane meme

Welcome one and all to another action packed episode here on TwoGuysOneMic.com! This time around we’re chatting about the ridiculous policy that some airlines are implementing, Newfoundland, Canada’s most problematic situation and why you should always live on the top floor of an apartment building. Suffer through our particularly lengthy episode and be rewarded with a brand new track by our friends in Ender. Their new EP, Descolada, is available digitally wherever you can download music!

Send us your music, we’ll mispronounce your names and crack poorly constructed jokes about you, all while praising your sweet tunes! Hook us up at [email protected]

Remember, you can now find all of our past episodes on iTunes and Stitcher! Bring our soothing voices and tastelessness with you wherever you go!

Until next time, we’re out…PEACE!

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