Band Interview: North Runner

NORTHRUNNER1North Runner is a four piece punk band based out of Suffern, NY. Since they started in 2012, they’ve released an EP and a single which can both be found for a “name your own price” at Check it out!

Members: Finn Lovell, Eli Ritter, Colin Michie, Collin Adams
Every band has to start somewhere. Tell me about how you first met and when you decided to bring your talents together to become North Runner?

Collin: We first started in 2012 when a few friends and I just wanted to start playing music together. I guess we all just met through having mutual friends, going to shows, and being in prior bands together


Does anyone in the band play an instrument other than the one they currently play with North Runner? Would you consider bringing those talents into the band in the future?

Collin: Yea we all kind of play other instruments. Nick plays bass so sometimes he will show Colin something for a bass part. I took piano for 5 years when I was younger but that doesn’t really help us haha.


If you were to have to describe the band in one single word, what would you choose?

Collin: Lame


Favorite songs? Do you cover any of your favorite songs live, or play any covers period?

Collin: We used to play a lot more covers in practice or whatever but right now we play Ohio Is For Lovers by Hawthorne Heights live.


NORTHRUNNER2If you had to choose 3 bands to listen to for the rest of your life, what 3 bands would you choose?

Collin: This would be completely different for everyone else but I would pick Green Day, Jawbreaker, and Young English.

What about a dream tour, if you could play with any bands in any venues, in any country of your choosing, where and who would you play with?

Collin: We’d like to play in basements because those are the most fun “venues” to us. We’d probably just like to tour with anyone on The Mayflower Collective or our friends in Everyone Caught.


What bands do you believe, most influence your sound(either as single musicians or the band as a whole)?

Collin: We all like a lot of different kinds of music and try to incorporate all of it into what we play. I’m not really sure haha. I guess just punk and hardcore music in general.


What was your craziest experience thus far as a band?

Collin: Just meeting all the people we have I think. And playing venues that we’ve seen some of our favorite bands at.


NORTHRUNNER3The song we featured, “Changes,” tell us all about it! Any back stories about the song?

Collin: The song was written by our friend Jack who used to sing for North Runner. He left the band when he went to school. I think the song is pretty self-explanatory. It’s just about the changes he was going through in his life at a certain point in time.


What is your favorite part of being a band? What have you learned from your experiences?

Collin: My favorite part of being in a band is playing music that means something to my friends and I. Being in a band is something I’ve always wanted to do ever since I started playing music and it’s definitely become the best experience I’ve ever had.

North Runner can be heard on Episode 41 of our podcast series here on!

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