Game Review: Titanfall (Xbox One)

titanfallStandby for awesomeness.

Months have finally past since the next generation of gaming was unleashed to the world. After waiting years for new hardware that can dish out even more power and provide a new experience, the Xbox One was finally in my possession. Some may think that it was less spectacular than anticipated. Others, including myself, have been painfully giddy about everything new that has been delivered. There are going to be games that completely miss the mark and will fade away (Fighter Within, Thief) and kinks have been steadily hammered out of the interface. One game that has completely changed the way next-gen gaming can be handled. Of course I’m talking about Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall.

For those who are I aware, Respawn Entertainment was assembled from pieces left over from Call of Duty creators, Infinity Ward. When they finally had enough making cookie cutter shooters for preteens calling each other fags online, we finally got our first taste of what Titanfall really was at last year’s E3. And goddamn have I been impressed.

Titanfall is, at it’s core, a FPS. There are the familiar elements that are reminiscent of Call of Duty (leveling up, challenges, custom classes and weapon attachments) but with interesting gameplay dynamics. Clunky movement and sprinting is replaced with wall running and double jumping. You fight enemy AI along side opposing teammates. Oh, and did I mention the giant fucking mech suits you battle in? Yeah, there’s that too.

titanfall-mech-chaseThe number one thing that takes this typically dried out genre isn’t it’s sci-fi setting or that you literally fight inside or along side a 30-foot-tall robot (although that’s badass). It’s the balance of the gameplay. Nothing feels particularly overpowered in any element, whether we’re talking about various weapons, classes, Titan builds…the list goes on. There will always be those giant assholes that devastate you and your entire team, round after round but that means you suck horribly. Even if you’re completely destroyed by a team of disembodied voices telling you how fugly your mom is, you can still feel like you’ve contributed to the sheer awesomeness and explosive shooting madness that has just occurred.

With all of this awesomeness, there had to be at least a few turnoffs for gamers, and there are. For those of you looking for an immersive single player experience, Respawn Entertainment’s approach isn’t for you, simply because there isn’t one. This game is completely online against other people. The story (if you can call it that) is painfully vague and doesn’t really matter all that much. Also, those that are looking for massive thirty-plus players per match may want to stick to Battlefield. 6v6 is the best you’ll get from Titanfall and that’s hardly a bad thing. Because of the way Respawn chose to balance their arenas and classes. Shut up and deal with it.

Customizing is up to it’s usual shenanigans, with different unlockable weapons and attachments, classes and builds for your larger-than-life robotic companion who will only add to the carnage that you’ll unleash on your fellow man. A fun, new element added to each player is equipping Burn Cards, which are one time use special perks that expire after each death, adding a little help to you and your teammates in battle. Combine those with your specific type of gameplay to weigh the match in your favor.

titansThere is much to be enjoyed with Titanfall, whether you’re cranking away online with friends or by yourself in your parent’s basement, lit only by your TV, slowly frying your retinas, game after game. I’ll be sitting patiently and waiting for updates sure to make crushing people with robots all the more satisfying.

Get the fuck off the back of my Titan,

Jersey John

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