Winter Is Still Around For Captain America

latest_movie_captain_america__the_winter_soldierHow the hell I forgot to talk about this is almost beyond me. The new Captain America movie comes out in maybe a month and a half and I haven’t said a word about it. Here’s the trailer so you can check out the awesomeness for itself.

I’m beyond stoked for this movie. I just watched the first Captain America movie a few days ago and I just love it. Totally awesome movie. I wish it was a bit longer or shows a bit more of Cap kicking some Nazi ass and taking down some of Red Skull’s HYDRA stations but in the end that’s just being picky. “The First Avenger” was a perfect lead in for “The Avengers.” It seemed to me that was the sole purpose of the first Cap flick but now Wing Tips gets his own kick ass story in his second go round.

The movie is officially titled “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Fan boys all over blew a load when it was announced who was going to be the villain in the movie. This movie takes place three years after “The Avengers” and Cap is now an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent (hence the costume change) working with Director Fury and Black Widow to help keep the world safe but things aren’t always as they seem at S.H.I.E.L.D. Cap learns Fury is keeping things from him plus the emergence of a new deadly enemy who has ties to Cap’s past makes this battle one of his most intense and personal. Yeah I just wrote that preview all on my own, Marvel should be paying me.

So why should you go see the new Captain America? Well there are a few reasons:

The Winter Soldier—the titular villain also happens to be Steve Rogers’s oldest friend who he thought was dead, Bucky Barnes. The movie borrows from the storyline of the return of Bucky as an assassin trained by the K.G.B. who does wet work for them. The Winter Soldier is one of Cap’s toughest foes due to the closeness of their friendship. I don’t know how they’ll present the backstory for the Winter Solder here but so far the action looks on point.

15-action-packed-photos-from-captain-america-the-winter-soldierThe Falcon—this sequel also presents us with one of Cap’s longtime allies and Avenger teammate, the Falcon played by Anthony Mackie. Although he’s not wearing his traditional red and white costume (bummer) the presentation of the character does look cool. It fits in with how these colorful, larger-than-life characters would fit in the real world. From the little bits seen of Falcon in the trailers he looks pretty bad-ass.

Robert Redford—I touched on this a bit in my previous article while talking about Glenn Close in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Having an esteemed actor like Redford who’s a two-time Oscar winner. His presence brings credibility to what Marvel is trying to do. Marvel is the one who takes itself less serious between them and DC but what they’re movie studio is doing is no joke. They’re building an empire.

Scarlett Johannson—Do I think ScarJo is hot? Yes I do. She’s an attractive woman. Then I saw “Don Jon” and fell absolutely in love with her. There isn’t a thing about her in that movie that isn’t sexy. So couple that with the fact that she absolutely stole the show in “The Avengers” and it’s easy to understand why she’s must-see material in the Marvel Universe now. Her character is strong to hang with the big boys yet sexy enough to draw out the blue-balled teenager in all of us men.

Captain America—Cap is a big deal to me. He’s Marvel’s version of Superman. He’s the moral compass for the entire Marvel Universe. He’s the hero other superheroes strive to be like. I love that. I’m also a big fan of actor Chris Evans, especially in this role. I read an interview with him that you can read here that made me like him more. He takes his role of Captain America very seriously as he feels he has a responsibility as a role model to little kids serious. I respect that.

la_ca_0102_Captain_AmericaThe after-credits scene—it’s been said that Thanos will play a large role in “Guardians of the Galaxy” this summer. Thanos was also the big baddie revealed in the mid-credits scene from “The Avengers.” No one is sure how “Guardians of the Galaxy” will connect to the Avengers or if it will at all. That means that “Winter Solder” could possibly be the last movie to lead into the Avengers sequel so the after or mid-credits scene should be especially mind blowing.

Go support Captain America and watch the movie in the theaters. Don’t pirate it off the Web like me.


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