Fantastic Four Already Mired in Controversy

Human_TorchSo Fox or Sony or whoever the hell holds the rights to the Fantastic Four movie rights have settled on a cast for the reboot. It’s about time. I didn’t think the last two were all that bad. I was a bit disappointed with Galactus but who wasn’t. The FF movie is going forward and normally that would be good news except for the shit storm of criticism that the casting news drew because the studio cast a black dude as Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. *Big Gasp* Glad I wrote that without exploding like the rest of the fucking internet.

Right off the bat I’m going to state I have absolutely no problem with this whatsoever. Couldn’t care less to be honest. He’s not Superman. If they cast a non-white guy in that role I’d flip the fuck out and take a crap in someone’s front yard. But getting back to the Human Torch, yeah the Internet went ape-shit. You would have thought this was the Ben Affleck/Batman thing all over again except it’s not. It’s different.

There hasn’t been any talk of whether or not Michael B. Jordan is up to the task of playing Johnny Storm, a character so famously portrayed last by Captain America….errr I mean Chris Evans. The dude can act. Only movie I’ve seen Jordan in is “Chronicle” and he was pretty good in that. The problem with him in the FF reboot is that Johnny Storm is white and Jordan is black or African-American, whichever makes you feel more comfortable. Oh my God, how can a black actor play a white character? You know, nothing like that has ever happened in the movies before. In a world where we have gay players in the NBA and soon-to-be NFL, a black president of the United States and the whitest, most Southern lady can practically get away with using the “N” word and still be famous, it’s time to get over stuff like this. I’m in an interracial relationship so maybe that plays a part why this isn’t a big deal to me. Hell I’m mixed ethnicities myself. Half my family comes from Italy and the other half from Puerto Rico.

2_26_2014 3_12_12 PMThis argument also goes both ways. It can be said that maybe some or most or whatever the sample size is that African-American would be pissed off if Bradley Cooper were cast as Black Panther or Luke Cage. That might be true. I don’t know. My point is that people shouldn’t be upset about that either. It’s a movie, it isn’t that serious. The race card has to end somewhere and it might as well be with comic book movies. Jackie Robinson didn’t bust his ass for us to still be arguing about the same stuff.

When I first heard the news about Jordan, the first thing I thought was how will they going to explain the family relationship between him and Susan Storm (Invisible Woman), his sister. At first I thought they could be part of an interracial or biracial family but Jordan and Kate Mara (the actress playing Susan Storm) don’t look anything alike so that won’t work. The next thought was the writers will go the adoption route. That makes sense and might work best in the long run. I read another article discussing this same subject and the writer said that this aspect would make the movie work better because it would force the writers to explore their family relationship. It’s not Susan and Johnny that are family either. Susan is married to Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) so that makes Johnny and Reed family as well. Throw in Ben Grimm (Thing), who is Reed’s oldest most trusted friend, and you realize that they are a family unit all together. That aspect was something that was mentioned in the previous movies but felt lacking. Sue mentioned that she and Johnny were brothers a lot but they never really felt like bro and sis. With a cast as diverse as the current one it would be almost impossible to explore their history as a family because of the audience’s knowledge of their comic’s counterparts.

2103919-human_torch_flame_onI’m excited for the new movie. It would be nice to see Dr. Doom back on the screen and maybe done properly but I would hope for another villain for the FF to deal with. They have a pretty decent rogues gallery to choose from so going back to metal face would be kind of lame. Not much else is known about the movie other than the casting and look at the backlash that caused. Imagine if they do go with Doom and they cast Ken Jeong. Geekdom might have a brain aneurism but I would look forward to seeing that dude being in that spot.

If people want to bag on an actor before they even see him in the film because they think he can’t cut it (looking at you again Affleck) that’s cool. To rip a guy because he’s not the same color as the inspiration for said character, not cool. Get it together people. This is the 21st century.

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