CosPlay is Here to Stay

ComicCon10-D3_501st_Group_Photo_2194Live Action Role-Playing, or LARP’ing for short, is not something I look forward to doing but I know I’m going to because of my old lady. She’s into Renaissance type stuff and dresses from the late 1800s/early 1900s. Not exactly my cup of tea but I’ll go along because I love her. So where the hell is all this going you might be wondering? Well, LARP’ing is taking us into Costume Play, or CosPlay for short…again. CosPlay is when either dorky virgins or super-hot girls get dressed up like their favorite comic book/anime/sci-fi/thriller novel or whatever else they can come up with.


The two biggest events of CosPlay are Comic-Con’s of San Diego and New York City. I’m not going to chit chat about those events though. I’ve never been to either one but I do want to go to the San Diego one. I wouldn’t get dressed up though because I have sex…with women. Or woman in my case (love ya babe). I do enjoy checking out the costumes people come up with though so I’m going to give you my top five CosPlay costumes, or characters to dress up as. So with that being said, Autobots roll out!

5. Iron Man—First let me admit that I was a fan of Iron Man before the movies, way back when Tony Stark was rocking a mullet and not being super awesome cool like Robert Downey Jr. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this. Shell Head has always been cool because, well he has freaking suit of armor that lets him kick ass. The movies made Iron Man into a bona fide rockstar and now everyone wants to dress up like RDJ…err I mean Tony Stark. Some look like crap, but others look pretty sweet like this guy.

chun_li___yaya_han_by_izildurphotog-d53navq4. Chun Li—Street Fighter is still my favorite fighting game of all time. Any noob worth his money always start off with the hot Chun Li because she’s super awesome and super-hot. Chun Li was always the star of the Anime Street Fighter movie because she takes a shower and shows the world her giant cartoon boobs. Li has become a cult favorite at CosPlay events because she represents female empowerment. Or maybe she’s just really sexy.

Captain_America_cosplay_o3. Captain America—Oh shit I have half the Avengers up here, I smell a conspiracy! Captain America is one of my favorite characters of all time. He’s like Marvel’s version of Superman in the way that they’re the moral compass of their universe. Dressing up like Win Tips is freaking sweet because you get to have a big ass shield that you can bash people with. I mean, what’s cooler than that?

2. Star Wars—alright, I’m not going to list any one particular character because there are just too many. Leaving Star Wars off this list would be an insult because it seems like Star Wars started the whole CosPlay movement. I’m probably wrong about that last statement because I didn’t bother to check the facts. The one fact I do know is that no matter what type of convention you’re going to see Star Wars all over the damn place. Use the force to not get a woody from seeing slave Princess Leia all over!

1. Power Girl—Need I say more?

There are tons of other I could have put on this list that I like. Heck, I could have just done a list of hot girls dressed up. You know what, that just might work. Get dressed up and go fuck with people, it seems like fun.

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