25 Days of Douchebaggery: Day 16: Christmas Kings

ChristmasKings1No, this isn’t some lame ass 1000-year-old Christmas carol, a la Good King Wenceslas. It’s not referring to holiday royalty. This is a Christmas version of the popular drinking game.

The main difference between this and regular Kings is that you to make up 16 cards, four each of the following: 4, Jack, Queen, and King. When a player picks any of those cards from the deck, they pick a card with the respective number or letter from the pile of labeled cards, which could be created with index cards or whatever you like.

Here are the rules that I came up with, but feel free to put your own spin on them however you may choose.

A: Snowfall (Same thing as waterfall in regular Kings – the person who drew the card starts drinking, and each person starts drinking one after the other in the circle; the person who drew the card stops drinking, and then everyone else can stop drinking once the person before them stops)

2: You (card drawer chooses someone to drink)

3: Me (card drawer drinks)

4: Never have I ever…done this at Christmas OR gotten this for Christmas (Everyone puts up either 3 or 5 fingers, depending on how fast you want it to go, and each person says something that they’ve never done at Christmas or something they’ve never received as a Christmas present, and anyone who has puts a finger down. First person with all fingers down has to drink)

ChristmasKings25: Santa Claus (all the guys drink)

6: Mrs. Claus (all the chicks drink)

7: Jesus (same thing as Heaven in regular Kings, where the last person to put their hands up to the sky has to drink)

8: Finish that Christmas song lyric (Player says or sings the first part of a lyric from any Christmas song, and the next player has to finish it. Then that person starts a song lyric and it continues until someone can’t finish it and has to drink, or until everyone goes once)

9: Bust a Christmas rhyme (any rhyme as long as it’s related to Christmas, and it goes around until someone fucks up)

10: Versions of Christmas songs (pick a card): any song that has multiple versions, and name the artists, for example: “Please Come Home For Christmas” by Jon Bon Jovi, The Eagles, Charles Brown; “(Christmas) Baby Please Come Home” by Darlene Love, Mariah Carey, U2; go around naming a version until no one can come up with another one and then takes a drink.

J: Christmas trivia (pick a card): make up a question about anything related to Christmas, such as “the Grinch’s heart grew how many sizes” or “who explains the meaning of Christmas in ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’?” If the person who picks the card can’t answer, they take a drink and it goes around until someone can answer it.

ChristmasKings3Q: Categories (pick a card) – can include: Christmas TV specials, theatrical movies, decorations; goes around until someone can’t think of one

K: Categories of Christmas songs (pick a card) – could include contemporary, oldies, religious/traditional, songs that appear in one of the Home Alone films; when someone can’t think of a song that fits into the category that’s on the selected card, they take a drink

Making this game up made me realize something: I have way too much time on my hands. I also probably put a little too much thought into it, considering it’s just a drinking game, but it’s still a fun time for any Christmas party, whether it’s held now or in the middle of July.

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