Who the Hell is Lex Luthor?

LEXposterThe big news about the “Man of Steel” sequel is out. That fart-knocker Batman is in it. Not only is Bat’s in it but he’s being played by the super cool Ben Affleck. Yay! Okay to be honest I’m being sarcastic but I don’t really care. I like Affleck actually. Now the day that this was announced you would have thought the Internet blew up with hate bombs. It did. Poor Ben.

Anyway, that’s not the most important aspect of the “Man of Steel”, well it’s probably going to be called “Superman vs. Batman” so we’ll stick to calling it that. The movie should be called “It’s about time we get to see Superman kick Batman’s ass in live action” but that’s just me.

So enough about this guy who dresses up like a bat. The most important part of any action/comic book movie is the bad guy. We have to really hate the bad guy, or at least feel bad for the guy in a sympathetic way. Director Zack Snyder was able to pull that off in MOS with General Zod. By the end of the flick you were able to understand why the dude was broken and was pissed off at Clark for destroying Krypton in a sense.

Included in the MOS Blu-Ray are little snippets produced by LexCorp detailing the Kryptonian technology seen in the first movie and devastation done to Metropolis by our favorite boy in blue. So it’s safe to say that old baldy Lex is going to have a pretty big role in the second film. So the most important part thing Snyder has to do is cast the right person for Lex Luthor.

I’ve seen some lists from various websites on who should play Luthor and some of them are quite dumb considering it’s always the same actors whenever a role call for a part goes out. Here’s one of the more mundane lists. One of the things that’s bothered me about the rumors is that everyone mentioned is already bald, like shaving a head full of hair is against the law. Everyone from Bryan Cranston to Locke from “Lost” Terry Quinn has been mentioned as being up for the role. Dumb.

CUREAnyways here’s my short list of candidates to play the Superman’s greatest foe.

  1. Michael Rosenbaum—I’ll admit, this is kind of cheating considering that he already played Lex Luthor on the CW’s “Smallville.” Why do I bring him up, only because of he was the best part of the show while he was on it. He already knows the intricacies of playing the part. While some consider “Smallville” soapy teenage drama, and it was at times, Rosenbaum brought a sympathetic tone to the show. He easily portrayed one man’s journey into darkness and made you feel bad for him while doing it. “”In life, the road to darkness is a journey, not a light switch,” said Lex. Add the fact that he already lobbied for the part. Also remember all the “Smallville” references that Snyder threw into MOS it’s obvious he has a healthy respect for what the show accomplished. I mean come on, this is a no brainer. He’s charming as the dastardly villain, can spit out all that smart talk that Lex knows and he’s a handsome devil.

6a00d83451be5969e20192acc57fe9970dYou know what, fuck it, there is no other choice. Rosenbaum is the only choice to play Lex Luthor because he has experience and kicked ass in the role. If you don’t believe me just check this out. Or this. Or hell, even this.

I will say that producer Chris Nolan and Snyder think outside the box when it comes to casting. I mean hell, they cast a British dude as Superman and it worked out so I’m sure they’re not going to get some big name fucker just for the sake of having some big name in the movie. Besides, they already did that with Affleck.

Like I post on my Twitter account when I remember that I have one #Rosenbaum4Luthor2015!!!

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