Episode 31: “Cardboard Cops, Tasing Your Partner & The Great Lego Heist”


HEYO! What’s good, everybody?! We’re back with yet another series of life fails and stories of anguish and hilarity, known to cause erectile dysfunction in at least 12% of the male population. This time around we’re chatting about why we’re looking forward to getting old, how cops are cracking down on some hardcore crimes, self defense mishaps and one of the most serious crimes of our time. Stick around to the end to hear some new tunes from our friends in Killed The Fixtion!

If you play music that you think would sound great after we crack about 30 minutes worth of phallic jokes and point out the shortcoming of the human race, send your stuff to [email protected] or fill out the “Music Submission Form”!

Until next time, we’re out…PEACE!


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