Episode 26: “Clogged Arteries, Broken Hips & a Screw Driver to the Dome”

Welcome back to yet another episode jam-packed with excitement, intrigue and its fair share of fart jokes! This time around we’re chatting it up about an amazing heist, one student’s epic struggle to keep their guinea pig, a new learned truth about mummies, what the kids are drinking in Norway and much, much more! At the end, we’re featuring badass tunes from a band from the UK, Egos At The Door. We’re always grateful to receive music from a country that tried to deprive us of all of our freedoms less than 300 years ago. Thanks for being good sports, guys!

If you, a friend and a handful of other people you met on Craigslist meet up every so often and create music, send that our way! Send everything to [email protected] or fill out the Band Submission Form!

Until next time, we’re out…PEACE!

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