Band Interview: Egos At The Door

Egos at the Door are a 4 piece DIY math/punk/hardcore/jazz-masters, from the UK, who
were “sent to earth and brought together by a common interest in losing lots of money, gaining
lots of injuries, making friends and losing their minds.” The band tours, plays, and records as
often as they possibly can. The band took some time out of their crazy schedules to interview
with K-Fish and here’s what they had to say:

How did Egos at the Door form? How long have you all known each other?

We all grew up relatively close and seemed to cross paths a lot in our mid/late teens.
Graham and I played in a couple of bands previously, it was fun times. I’m not sure
exactly how long we’ve known each other though cause we’ve all known each other
longer than others, for different reasons. We’ve been friends much longer than a band
though. We formed when we all most needed it I guess, we were all musicians in our
own rights and all found ourselves ‘single’ at the same time aha. The story writes itself
I’d say.

What are your respective instruments and have long have you played? Do you
guys play anything else?

I’ve played guitar for about 11 years, I’ve played music probably for 6 years, although
recently it feels less… Rayyan plays guitar, well too and dabbles in piano, Pete plays
bass – must be 9 years? Graham 11 years too, he outlearned his drum teacher in
a short time, we went to the same music college n he got really dicked around by
teachers so played in a metal band ‘Leading The Charge’, who were sick. We all
predominantly play our instruments really.

Tell me about your song writing process? What about your recording process?

I don’t think we’ve ever settled on a particular process cause we still haven’t made a
record we’re even happy with, I guess a common themes would be just keeping a good
library of live demos.

What are your favorite songs to play live, either musically or lyrically?

I don’t know man, the heavier grooves in any song are usually where the adrenaline is
going but there’s nothing that stands out, playing newer songs is always a lot of fun,
especially when it helps work out some kinks.

Do you have anything new coming out soon?

Soon… not exactly soon, but not too far either, we’ll be keeping things moving 🙂

Do you plan to do any touring soon? Any plans to come to the States?

Yes we do a 18 date non stop mainland euro tour with our awesome pals in Almeida,
check them out! We do have plans but again, it’s all early times yet, we’re figuring our
options out.

What was the hardest situation you had to go through, as a band?

Driving 15 hours over night, crashing the van in the morning, being harassed and
fined by police, taken away by police, paid police, then spending 6 hours sorting out
insurance, charging the phone with the crashed van battery, finding out insurance
didn’t cover accommodation, paying for accommodation, then having 18 hours to find a
way to carry on the rest of the 2 weeks of the tour without cancelling any more shows
(unfortunately cancelled 2, so so annoying, sorry!) getting rescued by a man named
Frank who was willing to drive 10 hours straight to pick us up and 10 hours straight
back, in the same sitting, meeting a replacement van, then having all the most amazing
helpful friends, family and strangers donate to us, which was too kind and helped us pay
some of the rental van. That time, or the time (every time) Chris the camera man who is
nice enough to hang around with us took a shower as we set off to every gig…

What social networking sites and social media can new and prospective fans
find you on?

Facebook, Bandcamp, Tumblr, Youtube, Google and of course, the real world :).

Favorite / least favorite venues?

Too many to name…

What are your future plans as a band?

Just to keep doing what we do and trying to do it better all the time, getting high,
touring… we’ll see!

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