Why the Golden Globes are More Fun Than the Oscars

So here we are right smack in the middle of awards season, with the Oscars coming up on the 24th, the Grammy’s just happening this past Sunday, and The Golden Globes going down last month. It’s everyone’s favorite time of year to stare at celebrities’ cleavage as they arrive on the red carpet and hear them tell Joan Rivers “who” they’re wearing and who they fucked last night. Ok, maybe not so much the last part, but you get the idea.

Can the shows get kind of boring? Sometimes. Are the winners predictable? Usually. Although this year, for the first time in a long time, no one can really say for sure who will win certain awards. For example, Ben Affleck won the Best Director Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Award for Argo, but he wasn’t even nominated for the Academy Award. Which brings me to my point: the Golden Globes are more legit and tend to be fairer when choosing winners and nominees.

The Hollywood Foreign Press is a more diverse group of journalists from around the world, compared to the mostly old white men who comprise the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. An article in the Los Angeles Times states that a February 2012 study found the Academy to be 94% white, 77% male, 14% under the age of 50, and it has a median age of 62. Additionally, 33% of its members are previous Academy Award winners or nominees themselves. That’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me. But no one did, which is why I get paid in bottle caps and pubes to write for this website – so I can tell people how I feel anyway.

One reason I enjoy the Golden Globes is because the atmosphere and tone of the show is more laid back and entertaining. It’s like a party setting. They sit at tables and they drink during the show. The host can also get away with saying pretty much anything that would never fly at the Oscars. Ricky Gervais was invited back twice after insulting the most famous celebrities while many of them were right there in the room. Not to mention, celebs like Jodie Foster can come out (again) and admit to being close friends with Mel Gibson during their acceptance speeches.

Another reason the Golden Globes are great is because the show also awards television. It’s like watching what it would be like if Oscar and Emmy had a love child who grew up to be a fun-loving, foul-mouthed alcoholic.

Something else that sets The Golden Globes apart from the Academy Awards is that there are two categories for both films and TV shows: Drama and Comedy/Musical. The Academy rarely nominates, let alone awards, comedies, musicals, or horror films. Chicago and The Silence of the Lambs are the most notable fairly recent exceptions. The Comedy/Musical category is what allowed The Hangover to win in 2010. Actors also win Golden Globes for performances that would never earn them an Oscar, i.e. John Travolta for Get Shorty, Jamie Lee Curtis for True Lies, and even the usually dreadful Madonna for Evita.

As I always do, I’ll be tuning in to watch the Academy Awards on Sunday, February 24th. There’s reason to believe they’ll actually be worth watching this year. Seth MacFarlane, the mastermind behind Family Guy and one of this year’s funniest movies, Ted, will be hosting for the first time. There are more than two nominees in the Best Original Song category, and famous musicians like Adele and Norah Jones will be performing nominated songs. Another reason to believe the Academy is finally getting their act together: Jonah Hill is not a nominee this year.

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