25 Days of Douchebaggery: Day 22: Merry Crunkmas!

PHAT Man here, just dropping by to wish you all a happy holidays!!! Jersey John insisted on me writing out my wish list for the holidays but I’m going to say FUCK THATTT! And why you ask? Because what can I really ask for? World peace? You know within the same moment of me asking for world peace a CIA drone somewhere on Earth is just going to shoot a hell-fire missile at a bunch of innocent Muslims so who the hell really cares? Instead I’m here to tell you to get crunked for the holidays. Bust out of the Jack Daniels and start pouring shots for Granny. Hell, let the kiddies in on it too because nothing makes hanging out with your family easier than catching a buzz while hanging around the Christmas Tree.

Crunk-Ass Santa Clause

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