Episode 22: “Home Intruders, Suckling Dolls and a Happy Hick New Year”

Welcome back kids! We’re chugging along through this month before the holiday season and what better a way to spend it than listening to us talk about complete nonsense! This time around we chat about one woman’s fight for survival inside her own home, a specific toy not to get your children for Christmas and a recently cancelled tradition for one North Carolina town. Stick around through the entire podcast to here some awesome tunes by NJ’s very own Yes Virginia.

While you’re celebrating the holidays with family, friends and loved ones, remember that we’re always looking for more awesome music to feature on our podcasts! Send the music that will make every turkey that’s ever existed head bang on command to [email protected]!

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, errrrbody. Until next time, we’re out PEACE!

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