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Ender is a Metal/Metalcore band hailing from New Jersey, the birth place of all the best bands. The band formed in 2009 and since their formation have released a full length album, This Is Revenge, and have embarked on a number of tours all across the country. There are five members of Ender: Frankie Howard – Vocals, Sal Latrenta – Guitar, Danny Lavarco- Drums, Casey Conlon- Guitar, and Mark Costa- Bass.  Check out this awesome interview I did with guitarist Sal Latrenta!

How did Ender form? How long have you all known each other? 

Ender as it is today, for the exception of our newest addition Frank, was formed  from a previous band that we were all in. Doing styles that mainly focused on  what was in at the time and not what was buried deep in our hearts. The music  struggled and never really got off the ground and we found it was time to start  doing things for ourselves and then maybe people would follow. We took that ball  and ran with it. And I can honestly say I’m happy that we did. We’ve all known  each other for many years and all worked very hard, harder than people may  know or think, to get Ender where it is today.

What are your respective instruments and have long have you played? Do you play anything else? 

I’ve been playing guitar for about 12 years now, and been in bands for about 11  of those years. I have played bass in a side project I was doing for a while as  we’ll. But don’t ask me to play drums, I have no Rhythm, go figure haha.

Tell me about your song writing process? What about your recording process? We hear you’re recording now! Tell me all about it. 

Well, I’ve respectively gained everyone’s trust in the band to be the one who  starts the process. I would come up with guitar parts, record a rough version, and  send it to everyone. If they all give it the “ok” then we go from there and everyone  would add in their spice and respective parts. As far as recording,  especially on  this upcoming album, we like to go into the studio comfortable. So we would  practice when we can and when we are ready, go in and lay it down.  The new  album will be def a step up from our previous stuff. You’ll heard a lot of new stuff  to keep the mosher kids still interested and some old school feel just to show that  metal wasn’t always about how fast you can play and breakdowns constantly.

What are your favorite songs to play live, either musically or lyrically?

My favorite song to play live would have to be “Panty Sniffer Does Porn”. It’s  usually our last song of our set, so after sweating and jumping around it gives me  a rush to know what’s coming when we start in playing it. Kids singing along,  jumping to grab the mic, just gives me that extra push to perform even better.

Tell me about your dream tour. 

Pantera, Slipknot, Korn, Deftones, Ender.

Craziest/Best experience as a band? 

Wow what a question haha. But I would have to answer with that the best  experiences are the craziest. Never a dull moment.

What was the hardest situation you had to go through, as a band? 

The hardest thing to do is gain someone’s respect especially in the music  business today. Coming out with a sound that to some may have been “cookie  cutter” to what was already on the market really made us an easy target. So  having to deal with all the down talk and comments really hits hard sometimes.  But once we had stuff to back us up people did actually start to respect the band  more.

What social networking sites and social media can new and prospective fans find you on? 

We’re currently on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and I’m pretty sure  many others. That’s a Danny question to answer haha!

Favorite / least favorite venues?

Favorite in Jersey would have to be Dingbatz. Outside of Jersey would be Amity  Teen Center in Connecticut. Both places know us very well and the crowd is  always very responsive. Least favorite, hands down, The Meat Locker haha

Are you signed to any form of label and if not, what label would you want to be signed to? 

Yes, we are currently signed to “We Are Triumphant Records”. We just had  gotten out of a previous contract with Eulogy recordings and weren’t really looking for anything. But WAT was so on board with working with us and what our plans were that we couldn’t say no.
Ender will be finishing up their newest EP, Descolada shortly and plan to tour soon after so make sure to check them out!

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