Episode 19: “Bigfoot, Sex Toys & Harvested Organs”

Heyooooo! We’re back with yet another episode brought to you by the people you call your fellow man on this giant flying piece of space junk we call Earth. This time we’re chatting about why you shouldn’t pretend to be Bigfoot, the TSA messing with your personal affects and what really happens during an autopsy. Also, stick around for the end of the podcast for awesome music by Ashes of Amber! They’re also looking for a new drummer, so help these dudes out if you happen to like banging on things with sticks.

As per the usual, please send us your music which may include but are not limited to skin flute solos to [email protected] We love everything we receive and then promptly ridicule you during the podcast against your will.

Until next time, we’re out PEACE!


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