Episode 17: “Beavers, Badgers & Black Market Organs”

Welcome back to yet another fun-filled episode of our podcast series here on TwoGuysOneMic.com! This time around, we explore deeper into the world of ridiculous wildlife, selling your organs for the things you cherish and why its not always awesome being a stunt man. This week we’re featuring the awesomeness of Clifton, NJ’s very own Julius Seizure! It’s music guaranteed to make your baby grow back hair.

If you’re in a band or know someone who happens to be in a band who’s main gig isn’t weekends at the Senior Center, send a bio, tunes and whatever else you have lying around to [email protected]! We’ll make sure to point at laugh at your drummer (who never gets the attention he deserves).

Until next time, we’re out PEACE!

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