Episode 16: “Preachers, Missing People & Forced Fellatio”

Welcome back errrrrbody! We’re back after some vacation time, recharged, refueled and ready to kick the world straight in its unsuspecting gonads. This week we discuss a strange missing persons case, a curb stomping preacher, some news regarding the next-gen gaming systems, the awesomeness that was The Dark Knight Rises and (we kid you not) sleeping burglar fellatio. Florida is a weird place to be…

Stick around through the whole podcast (or skip to the end if you’re a douche bag) to hear awesome tunes by NYC’s own all female punk/ska quartet, Babe Patrol (which, upon extensive research, was in fact not on the Good Burger soundtrack).

As per the usual, if you’re in a band that thinks they’re the best thing since sliced bread, send us your bio, some tunes, who you all are, your place of origin, social security numbers and recent bank transactions to [email protected] All information will be kept confidential and any recent back account activity regarding the purchase of Flesh Lights is coincidental.

Until next time, we’re out PEACE!

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