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New Jersey natives, Killed the Fixtion, are a heavy metal band from Newark, NJ. The band formed back in 2009 and aren’t exactly your conventional band. I caught up with Robert, Kevin, Nelson, and Abbad recently and this is what they had to say:

How did you all meet/start as a band?

Robert Asencio: Well all of us met in school back in the day. I met Kevin in like 5th grade, Nelson in 7th, & Abbad in my freshman year of high school. We all instantly became good friends. I can’t explain it, it just happened. We’ve been homies since the beginning & we’re forever homies for life period! Band wise, Kevin & I back in the day were aggressive rollerbladers. So long story short, we hurt ourselves a lot grinding on rails jumping huge stairs etc. So one day I hurt myself really bad & I gave it up. Kevin eventually quit as well. So then we all picked up instruments, then took the hard work & drive we had in skating and put it into learning our craft on our intruments. Abbad used to box so he was meant to play drums. He hit hard in the ring so putting him on the drum kit was a no brainer! Eventually I got Nelson to come in for vocals and then we went to work! This is the short version of this story, we have to hang to tell you the rest, so many stories!

Did any members pick up a new instrument for the band? Do any of you play other instruments, besides the ones you play in the band?

Robert Asencio: Well not yet, but we want pick up some new stuff I know me & Kev do! I know Kev would love to get his hands on a Sitar & I would love to get my hands on a Japanese Shakuhachi Flute! Back in the day I played a mean Clarinet haha.
Kevin Izquierdo: There was a song that I made that had a flute in it. I was making the song and it needed some wierd noise, so i grabbed an old, dusty flute that was laying around and recorded it! I dont really play anything religiously like my guitar, but whenever I’m making a song and it needs some crazy noise, the first thing I do is start looking around the house for things that make weird noises.
Abbad Ibn Townsend: The only persn that can play two instruments pretty decently is Nelson. He can play guitar and can keep a nice sexy groove on the drums haha.

Nelson Ceron: I don’t play anything else within the band other then my throat joking, but seriously I also play guitar and drums . I wouldn’t say I’m half the musician as my peers but I’m ok at best.

What’s a normal practice like?

Nelson Ceron: F-ing hilarious !!! Mainly because we all have a serious case off A.D.D and we just can’t help but laugh. After all of that is out of our system and the tension takes over the band takes on a different attitude. We’re a band that reallies heavy on how we FEEL about our music , so basically we write untill every single one of us is feeling what’s going on.

Do you play live shows? Why or why not?

Nelson Ceron: We haven’t played out in a long time, but we did enjoy ourselves a lot when we did . The reasons we don’t play live anymore is because we feel we’re not ready to give our KTF Family their moneys worth. The show we want to give in theory is an amazing show . The kind off show that makes fans and friends say this was worth the wait and I can’t wait till next time.

What are your favorite songs to play, either lyrically or musically?

Robert Asencio: My favorite songs to play are of course ours haha but for real I love and play all music I don’t know what it is I don’t hate anything. I’m blessed! Some of my fave genres to play when I’m not playing Heavy Music is Jazz, R&B, Latin, Hip-Hop, Gospel and so much more love it all!
Kevin Izquierdo: I love to play anything blues. Holwin’ Wolf, SRV, BB King, Albert King, Freddie King to name a few..
Abbad Ibn Townsend: UH… sike naw anything really I dont think we have any favorites.

Nelson Ceron: To be honest I love all kinds of music and its difficult for me to say that I have a favorite because my emotions bounce around to much for me to say that one band or style of music is emoting my feelings at the time.

Anything new coming out soon?

Robert Asencio: We’re always coming up with a ton of different ideas! We love being creative but anyways right now we’re starting to write the new song and working on a new cover that we’re going to be recording real soon. We all were very happy with all the great feedback on the Alice in Chains Nutshell tribute we put out. We love our KTF Family! Right now,  nothing really just focusing on writing.

Hardest situation you guys had to go through, together as a band?

Robert Asencio: Well we have had a couple of bumps in the past, but thank God we got through them unharmed. We’re actually dealing with one of the hardest situations right now or I should say been dealing with it for a while now is the situation with Abbad being down in North Carolina. It’s tough you know with not being able to have a drummer here to write music with but you know we understand he has to take care of business down there so we’ll see what happens in the future. We can’t say anything right now, but I know God does everything for a reason so we put our trust in him to lead us in the right direction.

What social networking sites and social media can new fans or prospective fans find you on?

Kevin Izquierdo: Fans can find us on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram & Twitter. Each has a link that lets the new fans sign up to our Fan List which we consistently check and send out updates. Here are the links
Instagram: Our Username is ktfnj

What advice do you have for other musicians looking to start bands?

Robert Asencio: My advice would be to work hard on your craft as a musician & practice as much as possible both  individually and as a band. Most of all figure out who you are, be you, love all music, & don’t worry about anything else just express yourself the way you feel.
Kevin Izquierdo: First I’d tell them to have fun. Work hard at what you are trying to get out of music, whether its just jamming with friends or trying to get big. Be very patient and most importantly, Be True to Yourself.
Abbad Ibn Townsend: Find musicians looking to start a band, find a garage, and play every single day then go home and practice everyday. You do this for about a year maybe even a little long to build yours skills. Make sure to find yourselves. After you get all that done, go and buy a Rigo (Our Manager) then you should be all set hahaha, but seriously promote and work hard because you can’t eat until you prepare the table.

Nelson Ceron: Be you and find out what is good/great about yourself. Hope to God that you can people to express yourself with.

If you all could have a super power, what would it be? 

Robert Asencio: Man that’s a tough one! Best/coolest interview question I’ve ever been asked! Lets see hmmmmm I would have to go with being a JEDI and being one with the Force I love Star Wars!
Kevin Izquierdo: I’d either have the superpowers of Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan because those two dudes had some kind of power to play the shit that they played hahhahah.
Abbad Ibn Townsend: I would have all the powers of the incredible hulk and all the powers of a Sayian.
Nelson Ceron: I would love power of flight. I’m kind of a flake and it would only further help my ability to disappear . The world would be my hideout … Wink wink .
I think it’s pretty clear that these guys share a passion and love for music, not to mention how passionate they are about their fans. Be sure to check out Killed The Fixtion on any of the above social networking sites, you won’t be sorry!
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One thought on “Killing Time w/ Killed The Fixtion

  1. KTF are always pushing the boundaries of their craft. The unique creativity that defines their sound, is something the fans and musicians who know and respect them, have grown to love. I personally have had the pleasure of meeting KTF and their Manger Rigo Asencio and I must say that these guys have a ton of class and for some reason… they never stop smiling! Its a complete joy and a really fun time to be in their presence.

    Even though, my personal favorites are The Misfits tribute of ‘Dig Up Her Bones’, Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’ & Alice In Chains ‘Nutshell’ the originals KTF have written have broadened the horizon of Heavy Metal music worldwide. While working with various musicians like Charles Corletta from such bands as Julius Seizure, The Silencer and Will Killmore, vocalist Sofia Nicole and studio drummer Eddie Hellhound of Hellhound Studios (Killed The Fixtion’s second home) originals like ‘Pulse’ and ‘Moonlite Blue’ are changing the game and breathing new life into a struggling genre. If you haven’t listened to these songs yet, you truly are missing out.

    While writing with Abbad must make times hard for KTF, they always seem to amaze us with making the best out of the obstacles they, as a family, endure.

    Keep your eyes on these guys…. because the music they are writing is history in the making!

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