Episode 15: “Raccoon, Massive Members & Tiger Urine”

What’s good kids?! We’re back with yet another educational, fun-filled episode for the entire family to gather around and enjoy! This time around, we’re chatting about rabid raccoon, projectile tiger urine and the world’s largest penis (seriously, we’ll never run out of topics here). As per the usual, we have awesome music at the end of the show. This week, we’re cranking some tunage by NJ’s very own hardcore band Ripface Invasion. For more of what they’re about, head over to RipfaceInvasion.com!

If you, your friends, a family member or that hobo on the street banging on Spackle buckets for pocket change can make a sit beat, please send it our way to be featured on our podcasts! Send all inquiries and nudes to [email protected]

Until next time, we’re out PEACE!

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