Episode 12: “Snakes, Holograms & Handlessness”


Whats good kids?! We’re back after our few week hiatus to bring you more ridiculousness from around the web and the world on this week’s podcast. This time around we’re talking about snakes on a plane (literally), the return of Tupac and handless people in writing contests. Yes, we’re horrible people, but let’s be honest, you’re not here for good, wholesome fun (high-five to that!).

This week we’re rocking out to Handed To The Thousands (unintentional hand joke) from Rockaway, New Jersey. Head over to their Facebook page, like them, leave them comments and send them nude pics. We did. As always, hit us up with feedback in the comments below, email the both of us here or send a singing telegram (which we will most likely shoot in the face). We’re out, PEACE!


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