Cuttin the “PHAT”-Part 2; “Making Your Workout Actually Work Out”

What up kids? Welcome to the 2nd edition of my mini series “Cutting the ‘PHAT'”. Last article I talked about building up your motivation to finally make a change in your life. (And no, I’m not talking about a sex change) If you’ve finally decided you want to start working out then congratulations you’ve made it to phase 2. If not, well…read the first article again fool!

I love me some cerealz!

Don’t be intimidated

When I decided to finally lose my man boobs I wasn’t sure how much I was really going to like lifting weights or running on a treadmill. I considered all my options for workouts which consisted of at-home workouts, playing a sport, taking workout classes, boxing, at-home workout videos (which are essentially “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” on speed), slam-dancing, high intensity interval planking, etc. When you’re considering all your options just think about where you would feel more comfortable working out and how it fits into your schedule. I now personally love going to the gym. I was nervous at first, I mean who wouldn’t be. Yea, there’s guys there that are so ripped they’re shooting testosterone at their tear ducts but fuck it, I had abs! Alright, maybe I had one ab. Truthfully I had one ab and it was huge. (A.K.A. my gut). But I didn’t care, because I realized everyone has a starting point. People aren’t born with a 12-pack v-shape. Fetuses aren’t knocking out some crunches while chillin in the womb. Some people incorporate fitness into their lives way earlier then others and so it makes us “bigger” people feel an inability to ever have a fit look. My point? What you want to achieve is possible and it can be done without wanting to take a hostage.

Finding A Gym

I’ve been to three different gyms since I started working out. I started with the most expensive one (some 5-star country club shit!), then moved to the semi expensive gym (basically a bunch of equipment in an abandoned grow house) and after that I proceeded to move to the cheapest gym which actually turned out to be the best gym. ($10 a month & has massive amounts of equipment, fo shizzle!) When searching for a gym take into consideration three things:

  1. Your budget: The most expensive gym I went to was $68 a month with a $98 sign up fee. Yeah, it had an indoor track, swimming pool and TVs on each treadmill but a majority of the other patrons there were stuck-up, rich people with attitudes. They would just straight up fart in your face while you were doing sit ups without even thinking about apologizing. What am I saying? Get an idea of each gym, take note of the atmosphere and the amount of equipment vs. your intended workout routine. Make sure it’s worth every penny you put into it
  2. The location: When looking for a gym I always look for one that is on my way home from work. Why? Because it works so well in my day to day life. After work I hit the gym on my way home and I’m left with no inconveniences and no change to my schedule/routine. Who the hell wants to drive 10-15 miles out of there way to go workout? Not me, hell no!
  3. Gym contracts: Most gyms make you sign a contract with them before officially joining. Make sure you read the fine print or you could be paying undisclosed fees and selling your soul to slavery.

Closing Words

To really get an idea of the kinds of workouts that exist I suggest visiting’s “Find A Plan” page. This website has been such a useful tool for me because it really does provide you with ALL the knowledge needed to create and execute the perfect workout for yourself. And no, neither I nor anyone on this website has an affiliation with them, it truly is a fitness bible that I highly suggest.

If you’ve noticed I haven’t mentioned anything about nutrition but there is a good reason why. I feel like making a commitment to working out and making a commitment to any type of diet at the same time can truly be demotivating. It can be too much to incorporate into your life especially if you’re a work-a-holic. Do your research, find your perfect workout, scout some local gyms if you decide to go to one (price per month/year varies at all gyms), and most importantly make sure it works for you.




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