Lamplighter: Why There’s Still Hope for the NJ Scene

As most of you out there know The PHAT Man and myself hail from the great state of New Jersey. We’re known for the usual bullshit: malls, diners, traffic, shitty MTV shows, Springsteen and Bon Jovi (ass clowns) and having a governor that resembles Jabba the Hut. But the biggest kept secret that NJ has is plain and simple: culture. Behind all of the angry faces and middle fingers, there lies a way of life that you have to be born into to appreciate.

Enter Lamplighter, a NJ-based online and print magazine dedicated to bringing you what all of us in the Garden State have been missing all of these years: culture. And you might ask yourself “why is this different than any other music magazine I might read?” Because it’s not just a music magazine, douche.

Sure, much of what you will find is music-oriented. But what lies behind all of that is what is truly worth reading. You not only get a sense of what is going on around the state, but it’s written by people who actually care about the product they are putting their name on. Their mission isn’t about trying to interview the band with the most Facebook followers. They aren’t writing your generic op-ed piece about some gentrified coffeehouse in Hoboken. For them, it’s about being out there at shows, covering gallery events and poetry reading and showing you the better side of the state that is occasionally eclipsed by NYC’s giant boner.

We’ve worked in the past with Lamplighter‘s Editor-in-Chief Patrick Boyle (and his epic man-beard) when we used to broadcast on 88.7 fm and we couldn’t have asked for a better friend and colleague throughout our own personal ventures. So instead of rambling on about how all of this is the greatest thing since seeing boobs for the first time, you can hear it from Patrick himself here.

So, with that in mind, please take some time away from playing Angry Birds, trolling YouTube videos or slapping the weasel (yeah we said it) and show some love to our friends at Lamplighter. These guys (just like us) are 100% DIY. They’re not doing it to become famous or bring in loads of cash to spend on ponzi schemes created by Somali pirates. They do it because they love New Jersey. Go to there to stay informed on the music, art, poetry and nightlife scene that is NJ. Come back to us for dick jokes.

Lamplighter releases their first issue of their magazine shorty. Head over to to throw them a few bucks and guarantee yourself a copy!

I’ll stab the mail lady if she forgets my copy,

Jersey John

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