Steven Tyler; Vertigo or Drug Abuse?

PHAT Man here,

I’d like to quickly address the recent happenings of Steven Tyler. This man has gone from 80’s rock legend, to American Idol judge, to a sloppy,drugged up, animatronic wash out.

Here’s the latest story:

Aerosmith singer hospitalised after ‘nasty fall’

The country’s largest newspaper, ABC, reports the 63-year-old frontman suffered cuts to his face and lost two of his teeth after falling in his hotel bathroom.

According to a hospital statement, Tyler received stitches and had emergency dental work done during a nearly four-hour stay at the La Costa medical centre in Asuncion. Read the rest of the article here

This isn’t the first time Steven Tyler took a spill. For a while he had a streak of continue stage falls which were all considered accidents.
Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler falls off stage at Sturgis
Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler falls off stage again


after studying hours upon hours of compiled Steven Tyler footage  Jersey John and myself have come to the conclusion that Steven  Tyler actually died in the 80’s and was brought back to life with the  help of animatronics. Clearly, as you can see to the left, Steven  Tyler’s appearance has seriously changed over the years and it’s  quite concerning since he’s starting to look like a muppet.

Will Steven Tyler fully recover from his latest tooth-shattering fall? When will he fall next? Should they keep him away from the pyrotechnics? Answers I don’t have but with which time will provide us. And now for your enjoyment, video clips of Steven Tyler falling off stage. ENJOY!


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