Vampire Chick Feeds on Dude in Wheelchair..SICKKK

PHAT Man here,

Just by looking at this picture it is obvious that this chick is a vampire. This 22 year old woman was on the prowl looking to feed her craving for blood one night. Unfortunately her prey was a handicapped dude in a wheelchair who fell asleep on his front porch. She jumped on top of him and bit parts of his face off including pieces of his lip. (YAHTZEE!) If I was this guy I don’t think I’d ever be able to sleep again…

A self-proclaimed vampire attacked an elderly wheelchair-bound man outside a Florida Hooters Restaurant just before midnight on Thursday, leaving him bloodied and in need of stitches, police said.

Milton Ellis, 69, had fallen asleep on the porch of the deserted Hooters in St. Petersburg when he woke up to find Josephine Rebecca Smith, 22, on top of him, he told police.

Smith told Ellis she was a vampire and then proceeded to bite him, tearing off chunks of his face and a part of his lip, St. Petersburg police spokesman Mike Puetz said, according to The St. Petersburg Times.

“After he fell asleep on the ground, he claims that she attacked him, started yelling that she was a vampire, that she was going to eat him and started biting him by his face and body,” Puetz said.

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