A Handicapped Dolphin…WTF Hollywood?!?!

PHAT Man here,

And I’m here to speak about how annoyed I was once I saw this trailer for this movie called “Dolphin Tale”. So the synopsis here is that this dolphin (supposedly the 2nd smartest creature on Earth next to humans) gets his rear fin caught in a crab trap and then loses it completely.
(Most likely caused by the dudes from the show “World’s Deadliest Catch”)

So then these people “rescue” the dolphin and give it a prosthetic rear fin. Once the fin is surgically implanted on the dolphin these people then enslave the dolphin and force it to do tricks even though it’s a handicapped dolphin with a prosthetic fin. Has anyone else given up on Hollywood at this point? Here’s the best part…it’s in 3D!   So let’s break it down…

It’s a movie about a crippled dolphin who is captured & surgically given a new rear fin. He is then forced to perform tricks for the rest of his miserable life…and it’s all in 3D!!! 

Yes, this is a true story which is definitely unique but to make it into a 3D movie is nothing more than an attempt to rape your wallet. But hey. if you think this movie is going to be awesome and you want to bring the kids go for it! It’s only going to cost you $350 (which includes the $35 popcorn, and 6 bags of skittles @ $16 a pop). 

As for me I think I’ll sit this one out. This movie to me is like an inter-species remake of Rain Man. Dustin Hoffman > Crippled Dolphin

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