Man tries to stop his truck using his feet

PHAT Man Here,

So here we have a 24 year old man who drove his truck home knowing his brakes didn’t work. And so when it came time to stop he thought opening the door, and putting his feet on the ground would stop his truck. Come on now, are you kidding me? He’s lucky he didn’t look down at his feet and just see bones sticking out of the nubs that remain. And if you’re wondering, no, alcohol WAS NOT a factor in this case. You need to check this out:

 ROSEVILLE, Mich.  — The feet of a 24-year-old Detroit-area man failed him as he tried to use them to brake his pickup on a busy highway.

Roseville Police Deputy Chief James Berlin said the man rolled about two miles on Groesbeck Highway while sticking his feet outside his truck in attempts to stop it, hitting four vehicles along the way.

Berlin said the man admitted he knew the brakes weren’t working but wanted to get home because he was tired and had to go to work the next day. The chief called it a case of “moronic decision-making,” reported The Detroit News.

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