Wanted: Sick Local Music

Here on TwoGuysOneMic.com, we love music. Plain and simple. But not just any music. We love local music. Tunes cranked out by chicks and dudes that do it for the passion of playing, shredding, screaming and having a badass product to share with the rest of the world.

Thats where you guys come in. We are looking for ridiculously awesome musicians to feature right here on our website. Metal, hardcore, punk, screamo, alternative, hiphop, singer/songwriters, hell, even that weird shit you happen to make with a Casio keyboard and a washboard: WE WANT IT ALL!

Send a brief bio, where you’re from, genre of music and any mp3’s you want us to feature to:

[email protected]

Note: We Cannot accept anything from signed bands due to this shitty thing called the
Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Thanks a lot for teabagging our hopes and dreams America!

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