4chan…More Deadly Than Al-Qaeda

There was a point where the United States feared terrorism as well as war. But in today’s day there is a new “terrorist” in town, okay I don’t really think they’re terrorists but that’s what the media has labeled them. One word… 4 Chan. The question to be asked back in the day was “What is 4chan?” but since it’s growth and expansion the question now is “Who is 4chan?”4chan is a group of hackers and proclaimed “internet trolls” whose mission has been set on shutting down the websites of big businesses, wide scale cyber-attacks against those they oppose, and just anyone that generally pisses them off. This includes such random acts as making the nazi swastika appear on Google’s “Hottest Trends” list, successfully attacking youtube with mass amounts of pornographic uploads, as well as hacking the email account of the one and only wolf scalping, Alaskan butt pirate, Sarah Palin. Not only are they notorious for their cyber attacks but they were the sole creators of the world renowned Rick Roll. (Life would not be the same without it)

4chan has apparently joined forces with a fellow “terrorist” group known as, Anonymous. To give you an idea of how powerful they are let me just say they could probably have your entire family killed and ground up into a can of Hormell Chili without you even knowing it. After reading up on the severity of all their attacks I have compiled a list of disasters they’re most likely responsible for but have not claimed responsibility: The Gulf Oil Spill, The 2011 Earthquake/Sunami In Japan , The Bermuda Triangle and the most obvious disaster… The death of Gary Coleman. Yes, the death of Gary Coleman. (Did you know he ran someone over in a bowling alley parking lot in Utah?) You think you’re safe surfing the internet at home? Hell no. They will ALT+CTRL+DLT your existence in a blink of an eye. So next time you’re buying off of a “Secure Server” website, just remember, it could very well be your last day on Earth

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