Three Young Girls Busted For Illegal Lemonade Stand

PHAT Man here,

That’s right our officers in uniform, the ones who serve and protect on a daily basis, have made the most serious bust of their careers….an illegal lemonade stand. Thank god our tax dollars are hard at work and our men in uniform are putting their lives on the line. How would we have coped with the potential consequences of this lemonade stands existence? Check it out below

The girls had started up their stand in Midway, Ga., when Police Chief Kelly Morningstar and a deputy drove by.”They told us to shut it down,” 10-year-old Skylar Roberts was quoted as saying by The Coastal Source news website.

“It’s kind of crazy that we couldn’t sell lemonade,” added 14-year-old Casity Dixon. “It was fun, but we had to listen to the cops and shut it down.”

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