Batfleck Comes Out and Marvel Invades Netflix

batmanbatmobilelargeSo I’m sitting here wondering exactly what I’m going to write about tonight. I originally thought about talking Marvel and their extension of their cinematic universe into Netflix with new original series including Daredevil. Then I thought about writing “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and their season one finale that aired recently. But then BAM! Zack Snyder threw me a curveball and showcased how Batfleck is going to look in his new costume. Screw it I’ll guess we’ll talk about all three for a short bit because I’m so excited I had a nerdgasm.

So the new Batman was introduced as well as his new ride. There’s a lot of different opinions on this so let me offer mine because mine is better than everyone else’s. So far I like it. It’s a different look from any live action Batman costume we’ve seen before. All the Bat suits before this one have been black but Snyder’s looks grey. The ears are short than normal. I’ve read a lot of bitching about that but I like it. The bat symbol is a huge change too. It’s hard to tell if the symbol will be a different color than the rest of the costume because the picture he showed off was shot in monochrome. It’s evident the costume was heavily influenced by Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns.” It’s only one picture and doesn’t show a lot of detail but so far I’m on board with the look of Batman. Read the rest of this entry »